Expanding beyond
your current culture.

“Diversity is no longer an option. Inclusion is not only having a seat at the table, it’s having a valued voice at the table.”


Our Experience

Leslie Short: Founder, President & CEO, brings four decades of experience when she created The CavuGroup to focus on Diversity & Inclusion in an effort to facilitate and create new solutions to old and new issues. Her talents and skills are uniquely designed to seek growth through open conversations, conflict coaching, trainings and workshops. She firmly believes that issues don’t go away because programs are in place but by continually evolving and having a channel to listen and understand the people who are our greatest assets. 

Lynne Filderman’s Chief Strategy Officer, 40+ year career is characterized by working in partnership with talented, creative and inspired people to engage and bring together world class leaders to deliver best-in-class ideas, and produce exceptional conveningsand events. Her work as Executive Producer of ‘Brands Taking Stands’ conference is a major platform where she curates conversations about corporate reputation, aligning purpose with voice, rising stakeholder expectations and towards broader definition of diversity & Inclusion.

NYC  M/WBE Certified 

Why Us? Diversity & Inclusion has taken center stage in our conversations as we are undergoing a rapid transformation of the relationship between business and society. There are growing expectations that companies should not only be purpose-driven but take a leadership role in addressing social issues. The CavuGroup takes a different approach to Diversity & Inclusion. We applaud everyone that is making an effort to understand how to advance their Diversity & Inclusion goals, programs, outreach and employee engagement. The CavuGroup is your partner in developing unlimited visibility and ensuring your commitments are authentic, embedded in your organization’s DNA, and constantly evolving to achieve a sustainable, diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace and beyond.

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